Benny Parsons — NASCAR Good Guy — Is Gone


 Benny’s Death – Colleagues React

“My father and I visited Benny in Ellerbee when I was just a teenager to get advice on my career,” said Mark Martin. “He told me not to rush into Winston Cup right away … get some experience first in Late Model Sportsman or another feeder series.

“He was a great driver and a great person. He had a lot of style and a lot of grace.”

Michael Waltrip leaned on The Professor when he popped the question to his wife Buffy.

“He was in victory lane the day I asked my wife to marry me,” Waltrip said. “He sort of facilitated that, and helped me through it. I have a lot of wonderful memories of Benny because I appreciated who he was and how he handled himself. He will be missed. It’s sad to be in Daytona. He won here and I’ll think about him a lot this year.

Good ole BP thought he had lung cancer licked as the NASCAR season wound down. I wonder if he just got well enough to finish out his broadcast career without having to compete against the shadow of death lingering for all his friends and co-workers to see. Speculation, to be sure, but “remission” and lung cancer are pretty tough to accomplish.

Anway I love this picture of BP, talkin to little Mark in the garage. Mark is gonna miss the big man at the track. We’ll certainly miss him in the booth. RIP, Benny.

5 thoughts on “Benny Parsons — NASCAR Good Guy — Is Gone

  1. Naw. But they’re my heroes. We helped pull them outta the fat when Rumsfeld’s BRAC process had our guys on the chopping block. They had just been deployed to Iraq.

    The summer of 2005 we convinced the Base Closure & Realignment Committee that our nation is safer when there’s iron on the ramp in Fort Smith, Arkansas. F-16s are legacy aircraft, so we’re transitioning to A-10 Thunderbolts later this year.

    I’d eat bees for my 188th pals. 😉 Oh, wait! I DID.

    The chairman of the BRAC commission was Anthony J. Principi. When Moose wanted to adopt a stray, blue-eyed kitten, I told him she could stay as long as we named her…PRINCIPI!

    Principi the cat belongs to a dog named Moose. 😀

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