Razorback Football Shakeup

Ok, I love my Hogs. Darren McFadden, Heisman Trophy runner up, is a class act.

These days, though, it seems Arkansas football is more of a reality TV show meets soap opera than it is a representation of collegiate sports.

ESPN reports Gus Malzahn, first year offensive coordinator at Arkansas, has accepted a head [correction: 2:28pm CST Mon.] coaching position with the Tulsa Hurricanes. Is high school QB phenom Mitch Mustain off to Tulsa as well?

Frankly, Scarlet…<sigh>

I’m probably the only sports fan in Arkansas who feels this way. I learned of the breaking news on my Blackberry — from Arkansas Business. And this all has to do with our state’s economy, how???

5 thoughts on “Razorback Football Shakeup

  1. That whole football program is nothing but a house of cards. A realize that coaches say and do things sometimes just for recruiting purposes, but did he honestly intend to change the entire offensive style just to get Mustain? If not, that was about the stupidest thing he could have done. If he really intended to change the offense, I never saw it happen.
    You’re right, it is a soap opera: “The Young and the Nutts”

  2. I don’t know what is going on up there, but a friend said it was a “house of cards” several weeks ago.

    I was also told that Nutt said during the season that he had never read Gus’ book, and that “he hoped to get around to it”. C’mon, you hire an offensive coordinator and you never read his freakin’ book?!?!?! Hell, at least he has a book!

    Maybe Broyles did require Nutt to hire him, but for Nutt to never even read the book is ridiculous. I was also told that the asst. coaches referred to Malzahn as “HS” as in “high school”. How professional is that?

    It is only speculation for us fans that are not in the inner circle with Lindsey and Company, but from the outside looking in, it looks like a total pooch screw to me, even if Malzahn was not college material (which I think he could be).

    When they decide to run a real team up there and quit playing childish games, maybe the Razorbacks can be a standup team, win or lose. Right now, its Peyton Place.

    Jeez, we are talking about major college football, and they are running it like a 2nd or 3rd tier team. I hope Broyles and Nutt are nice guys, but there is something definitely wrong, and the last season is likely a waste of time, instead of the building year it could have been.

    Oh well, at least McFadden may do something for himself. Advice to all the other players: Look out for Number 1 – the coaches and AD certainly are not.

  3. Just another reason to look forward to Mark Martin — er, NASCAR — season. 🙂

    I grew weary of Razor “back stories” many moons ago. Cheering for the kids is supposed to be what it’s all about.

    Nolan on the “courts” and parents in the AD’s office is way too much for me.

    I may come back to Hog-dom after Broyles is gone from the Hill and Martin goes back to Ramsey Mountain in Batesville.

    Get in the car, drive the wheels off, win some races, and drive to victory lane without burnouts or fence-climbing.

    Old school with style. Not good ole boys itchin for power at the expense of the game.

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