Martin Luther King, Jr.


It’s a cold, icy, slick morning in Fort Smith. Today is to be my first Martin Luther King, Jr. parade on Garrison. Actually, I saw the very first MLK Day parade in Atlanta on the very first federal MLK holiday. But that’s altogether something else…

The point is, I’m a little surprised that I’m disheartened at the thought of the parade being scrubbed due to inclimate weather. The past several months, really, I’ve been thinking — and talking — a lot about community and collaboration and blurring geographical and political boundaries. The concepts seem to be rather new for our little sliver of real estate comprised of Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma, and we’ve had success lately in achieving good results in collaborative-oriented projects.

My friend Tom Kirkham has a profoundly Lucid Point on his blog this morning about all this. He connects MLK and collaborative to the world of geek — successfully and in a way that’s so energizing I didn’t need that first cup of coffee to get my brain working.

While you read Tom’s blog entry, I’m gonna grab my Blackberry and see if the parade’s still on. If it is, I’ll be there — even in 28 degree weather.

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