Tiki Barber, Mark Martin, Bobby Hamilton…

I love Tiki Barber. He’s got class. He’s leaving professional sports at the height of his game. — on his own terms. Can’t wait to see where he lands on TV. I’ll be watching.


Meanwhile, my guy Mark Martin (signing a cardboard Mark for me last year at Mark Martin Ford in Batesville — thanks, Aunt Nina. 😉 )will test at Daytona next week, and for the first time in 19 years he’ll be driving for someone other than Roush Racing. Martin will race a limited schedule for Ginn Racing’s 01 Army car.

Mark Martin is staying in professional sports under his own terms.

Unfortunately, Bobby Hamilton didn’t leave professional sports on his own terms. Hamilton gave up his 2006 ride early last season to battle throat cancer. His son, Bobby, Jr. drove the Hamilton Racing Fastenal Dodge for the remainder of the season. This weekend, Hamilton Sr. succumbed to the disease.

Hamilton Sr. was a tough guy. He did live his life on his own terms. RIP 😦

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