New Year, New Friends, New Resolutions

We had a wonderful dinner at the home of a friend’s neighbor. Easy. Comfortable. Nice. And the food was excellent. The topic centered on art by American artists. Families, subject matter, price paid versus value. It was a fun evening.

Leaving prior to amateur night for most folks, I was home by 10 and got to knock out most of the book I’ve been listening to/reading for about 5 weeks now.

House of War, by James Carroll is a fascinating read. Next on my list is Colin Powell’s new biography. I think the two will juxtapose nicely, beginning especially with the Reagan administration.

James Carroll clearly is biased against decisions made in the Pentagon for the past 50 years. Biased may not be an accurate word — cynicism is probably more appropriate. Carroll is a self-described nuclear abolitionist and peacenick. He praises members of both parties, yet is scathing in his attacks on individuals who would trot out a particular position simply to save the status quo.

I’m listening to House of War. Occasionally I need a hard copy of the book to back check something I don’t understand. James Carroll has a fascinating perspective — his father was a high-ranking intelligence officer from the early years of the Pentagon. Carroll, as a boy, revered the Pentagon. Yet, in the 1960’s, stood outside and protested the Vietnam War, even though he knew his father was inside, battling demons of his own.

I should be finished with House of War tomorrow sometime by the end of the first day of the new year. I am resolved. 😉

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