Fort Smith Resident’s Theory on U.S. Marshals Service Museum Decision

Fort Smith, AR or Staunton, VA? Which city is the rightful home to the U.S. Marshals Service Museum? Hopefully, USMS Director John Clark will make a final determination in the next few weeks. I’m a bit biased toward Fort Smith, but our community truly does have a profound respect for the nation’s oldest law enforcement organization and the men and women who have represented the Service since 1789. Our deepest hope is for the Service to have a permanent showplace worthy of inspiring others to “be” whatever it is they want to be. We think Fort Smith is the best place to do more than tell the story of the American dream. The Marshals Service Museum should inspire visitors to live the American dream.

This post from Arkansas Times is a month old, but I just now ran across it while devouring a loaded chili Frito pie. The One who calls himself deathbyinches is expressing an informed and objective opinion.

A small group of dedicated people with their hearts and their history in the right place have mounted an effort to get the museum that I can be proud of for the rest of my days, regardless of the outcome. They have worked smart and they have worked hard to leave no stone unturned in an effort to bring the Museum home where it belongs.

There’s more stuff. Funny stuff. Something to do with Woodrow Wilson, Judge Parker, and an ipod. Deathbyinches has the luxury of vetting an unvarnished opinion on the subject.

My true sentiment, as stated above, is that which ever city becomes home to the museum will be a permanent and lasting tribute to the Service. Fort Smith will always honor the men and women who played their part — because they’re at rest here. In cemeteries across the region. And their descendants live among us.

I believe in the 3 words engraved on the U.S. Marshals Service seal — Justice, Integrity, Service.

4 thoughts on “Fort Smith Resident’s Theory on U.S. Marshals Service Museum Decision

  1. I have been waiting for a new post…I read this a couple of weeks ago while I was vegging out one afternoon. Good stuff, we need this person on our committee (if they arent already one of us) (wink)

  2. Underground history head. LOL. Don’t for 100% certainty know his (or her) identity. I do know this, though…DBI is definitely on our side. 🙂

  3. I know Deathbyinches, DBI is a friend of mine and yours. He is on our side and is a great talent that is hid under a basket that only opens when he vents unapologetically on the Times blog.

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