Local Advertising Hinges on Knowing the Past — Wizard of Ads

Roy Williams, the self-proclaimed Wizard of Ads, writes a weekly e-column for subscribers across the globe. Williams is a Texas-based consultant who writes ads, consults with businesses, and teaches advertising professionals how to build noteworthy campaigns. In this week’s Monday Morning Memo, the Wizard told his junior magicians (isn’t there a fancier word for that?), that they’d be much stronger ad writers if they…knew the history of the town they’re targeting.

If you will write ads for a local business, you must first feel the pulse of the place; measure its inhibitions and embrace the rules of its morality.

America is young, barely 4 human life-spans. This is why you should always begin your uncovery by asking:

1. Why is this city here?
2. Who founded it?
3. What attracted its original population?

As newcomers get involved in a community, they’re affected by the town’s local culture and begin subtly sliding toward the local norm. Outsiders thus become insiders.

Learn the origins of a town and you’ll have found a thread that will tie all your other observations together and make your ads much stronger.

Read the full text of the column here at the Monday Morning Memo website.

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