My Place Versus Aristotle’s Place

Aristotle had a pretty complex notion about place. He even developed something of a mathematical formula, along the lines of, “The place of x is the first motionless boundary of the thing that contains x.

It’s a theory has kept philosophers busy for centuries, and I’m happy for those high-brow thinkers. Really, I am. Let em keep scratching their heads over what the great Aristotle must have meant. By all means, you smart cats keep writing and talking about place as a theory.

Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy my place in life, and I’ll start sharing my favorite places on this cyber place.

The great thing about place is that it can be a physical realm, spiritual realm, or even a location unburdened by the constraints of time — in the future or in the past.

A place can be a mindset or a URL. A mood or a fantasy.

These are all the bases for experiences. If the place is comfortable or intriguing, we find ourselves immersed in these experiences — participating, thinking, and feeling what others have felt as they occupied the place or, as it occupied them.

Place sets the stage for common ground. Bookmark this place. Share your favorite places. Explain what makes places special to you, what could make them better, or what might endanger them.

Welcome to my place, where the boundaries have motion. Sorry, Aristotle. 😉

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